A few years ago, I began creating robot characters using Adobe Illustrator, playing with various shapes, personalities and techniques. I've designed over 100 'bots and I'm still having fun! A few of my favorites appear below and you can see them all on the Tumblr page I've devoted to the project, The Robot Spot. It can be found at  robotspot.tumblr.com.
The robot below was inspired by Astro Boy, the famous creation of Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezuka.
At a certain point, some of the designs began to flatten out and became iconic, like the robot below.
When the time came to design robot #70, I decided to draw inspiration from 1970s album cover art and design, right down to the color scheme.
The simple design below was inspired by the "rubber hose" drawing style of old cartoons.
I have also used this project to explore different color schemes, as you can see below.
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