Illustrations and sketches for Mystic Market, a family game published by ThinkFun. I created cover artwork, 6 card images and 3 coin images for the game. Each card was intended to correspond to the color of a vial of magic powder. The vials can be seen in the cover art as well, on a rack similar to one included in the game.

Each card image represents an item derived from a magical, mythical creature: a mermaid tear, an orc tusk, a dragon scale, a kraken tentacle and a phoenix feather. The one exception is a pixie, who is represented in her entirety.

I've grouped the 6 cards below and included larger images of the pixie and tentacle cards. I've also included my final preliminary drawing for the cover as well as some sketches for dragons and pixies. At one point, consideration was given to making each card a whimsical character or creature so I designed a few variations.
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